” I love the way she (Sara Palmer) connects with everyone on a personal level, being caring and careful to the needs of each student.”
Lucia Garavaglia, Kindred Spirit magazine



My name is Sara Palmer or Shama, a spiritual name given to me 25 years ago when I was in India. I am the founder of LoveYogaHealing, a registered senior Yoga teacher with 15 years’ teaching experience, Yoga therapist and Ayurveda practitioner and educator. I teach classes, workshops, courses and retreats in the UK and overseas, and I also offer 1-1 sessions in which I can tailor a Yoga and/or Ayurveda programme specifically for you and your individual requirements. 

With 25 years’ experience in the field of natural health, there is much I want share with you. It is a crucial time on our planet and I am sure that each of us feels the call to take responsibility for our choices and for our personal health and happiness. The health services are stretched and yet our lives and the issues we face and our needs for help and guidance become increasingly intense and complex. 

I am passionate about the potential of Yoga and Ayurveda to transform not only the health of your body  but also your mind, heart and consciousness. In it’s original essence this is the promise of Yoga. It is much more than a physical practice and I would love to share with you all it’s many dimensions. For 5 years as a member of staff at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in Bahamas, full immersion into a Yoga way of life revealed to me just how powerfully healing a dedicated Yoga practice can be. I felt stronger,  happier and more confident than ever before. However we never know what is around the corner and I was to become chronically ill with an apparently untreatable debilitating condition that doctors told me I had to learn to live with. My world closed in on me, but I would not give up. Specialist doctors and natural therapy practitioners charged huge amounts with promises that largely amounted to nothing. I did not give up. I was certain that I was being called to heal in alignment with the teachings of Yoga and  I knew that once healed I would share my discoveries from this healing journey with others. That intuition proved true. 

Sharing the healing and transformative power of Yoga is now my life’s work. Yoga can transform your life in so many ways and on so many levels of being, from the superficial muscular skeletal to the functioning of the deeper inner body systems (digestion, hormonal, respiratory),and also to the subtler levels of being – the mind and spirit  Ayurveda goes hand in hand with Yoga to give a complete healing system for body, mind and consciousness. Whether you simply wish to keep your flexibility or whether you are living with chronic illness,  whether you are new to Yoga or a seasoned practitioner, it will be my honour to walk with you for any amount of time on this wonderful path and to support you to find whatever you are seeking in these ancient traditions of Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda for your healthier, happier life.

With great love & respect, Sara


I have been practicing Yoga for more than 30 years, and teaching for 15 years. I trained with the Sivananda Yoga lineage to advanced level, and lived and worked as a senior staff member in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas for much of 5 years. I have also trained and/or studied with masters of Hatha Yoga from outside of the Sivananda organisation and their wonderful teachings continue to support my own practice and all that I share in classes, workshops and on retreat. I feel blessed to have been taught by renowned masters of Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda from the onset.

I am also a fully qualified Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Ayurveda Educator, and Yoga Therapist registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has studied Ayurveda with leading world figures in the field: Dr David Frawley, Mukunda Stiles, Maya Tiwari, Atreya Smith and Dr Sunil Joshi.

On qualifying as a Yoga teacher, I lived in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas to fully immerse into Yoga teachings and lifestyle. During my time living in the Sivananda ashram, I commuted to New York to qualify in Structural Yoga Therapy and also to study Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy with Mukunda Stiles. On qualifying, I worked as Yoga therapist in the Sivananda ashram, offering one-on-one sessions to ashram guests and staff, and also offering specialist therapeutic residential Yoga workshops and programmes: Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga for Stress Relief, Yoga for Healing & Pain Relief, and The Healing Power of the Breath.

This was a very transformative time in my life. My understanding and appreciation of the healing and transformative power of Yoga deepened incredibly. I was learning so much from the senior staff of the ashram and from the intensives in which I was blessed to take part in.

During these years, I also undertook further study in Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for Cancer and Cardiac Disease. I lived within the Yoga ashram community, living the lifestyle directed by the texts of Yoga and Ayurveda, and working in service of the teachers and guests at the ashram.

“Yoga was making me happier, more whole and stronger than I had ever felt in my life, and ever since then I have wanted to share the incredible benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda with as many people as I can reach.”

Also during these years, I was introduced to the wonders of Ayurveda, being exposed to Ayurveda educators and doctors who visited the ashram to give programmes, and to the ashram Ayurveda staff. I studied first of all Ayurveda Yoga therapy and more recently have done Ayurveda educator and practitioner trainings.

As a full-time Yoga teacher, Ayurveda Wellness Counsellor and Yoga therapist now based in the UK, I am dedicated to sharing all that I have learned, not only in those years in the Sivananda ashram, but also on spiritual travels all across the globe and in trainings with internationally renowned masters of Hatha Yoga, Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda. I have travelled to India, Japan, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Canada, Scotland, USA and Bahamas to learn from and practice Yoga and other healing and spiritual traditions. I have done study in Ayurveda Yoga with Dr David Frawley and Mukunda Stiles and am now a fully qualifed Ayurveda Nutrition and LIfestyle practitioner. 

I teach classes, workshops and retreats for all levels, in Warwickshire where I live and in Cyprus.

I love to teach you not only the physical, but also the mental-emotional and energetic benefits of Yoga postures and breathing practices. I include deep relaxation and meditation techniques in my teachings, and you will be guided in these according to your level of experience (beginner to advanced).

In  workshops, I share aspects of Yoga and Ayurveda which will take your understanding beyond the level of muscles, ligaments and bodily strength and flexibility towards a deeper appreciation of Yoga’s effect on our minds, our health, our energy. I will show you how to apply specific practices of Yoga and Ayurveda for specific effect, to relieve certain symptoms, enhance inner well-being, health and peace of mind according to your Ayurvedic type and to the time of year.

I love teaching on retreat. This allows me to share with you the amazing benefits of living a Yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle and committing to daily practice of Yoga posture, breathing and meditation.

“On retreat, we gather to immerse deeply into Yoga and Ayurveda as living sciences for health and transformation. We practice and learn time-tested teachings for the season, our stage of life, state of body and mind, the enviroment, climate and the phase in the lunar cycle, WIth diet, Yoga posture and breathing adapted in this way, we powerfully boost our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Together we take magical and empowering journeys into the deeper dimensions of our being for transformation through posture, breath and meditation. It’s a very uplifting, heartful way to come together.” Shama says.

In one-to-one Yoga sessions, I can address the pain in your back, or your hip or your knee: your digestive discomforts or headaches or anxiety; your joint pain, high blood pressure, heart disease and other chronic ailments with a personally tailored programme based on the teachings of Structural and Ayurvedic therapy.

And if after some time of Yoga practice, you wish to discover and uncover the deeper, subtler more spiritually transformational dimensions of Yoga, I would be delighted to work with you. In such sessions, I will work with you with specially structured asana sequences, pranayamas, meditations, sound and other healing Yoga practices.

“This is my passion” she says, “that we move inwards from the physical, the gross, the familiar to the ever more subtle, unfamiliar and unlimited parts of ourselves, right into the heart of being. Here we find true health. In Yoga we call it “svastha”. It translates as health and also translates as “being established in the Self.” The two are synonymous in Yoga and this is the whole and most amazing promise of Yoga for me. That we come to rest in “svastha”, in our true nature and potentiality .From here, established in the Self, we live in harmony with our heart’s deepest longing and can then begin to fulfil our highest wish for ourselves, our loved ones and our beautiful planet.”

In Ayurveda sessions, I address lifestyle, nutrition, mind, emotions, heart and soul to bring all I have learned from amazing teachers to you for support of your body, mind and heart.



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