Ayurveda invites us to acknowledge and adapt our days to the cycles of the moon in specific ways, just as it invites us to align ourselves with all of nature’s rhythms, as part of that nature ourselves. Especially for women who are more closely tied to the lunar cycles, taking time to recognise the lunar cycles can be of great benefit physically, mentally-emotionally and spiritually.
In Ayurveda, the full moon has an association with “ojas”. Ojas is the essence that gives strength and endurance to our tissues, to our immunity. It is responsible for health, harmony and spiritual growth. The lunar essence itself, with it’s watery cooling qualities is said to produce ojas. And so the full moon time is a most auspicious time. In addition, just as the gravitational pull of the moon can cause the tide to rise, so it is said to draw out the essence of plants and medicine. And this ability of the moon to “draw out” makes it a good time for us to release anything we have been holding onto that no longer serves us.
Incidentally, the November full moon has traditionally been a full moon which our ancestors used to cleanse themselves of negativity and excess baggage, to let go of that which no longer served them, anything that might weaken them in the harsh winter months ahead. It is often called the beaver moon, as the beaver and other animals in nature busy themselves in preparation for hibernation at this time of year. However, when the November moon is the last full moon before the solstice, it is called the mourning moon and is seen as a time for letting of the old, of that which no longer serves us and of any excess baggage we may be carrying which weighs heavily on our immunity, much needed in the Winter months ahead. For our pagan and Celtic ancestors, this was also the start of the new year and so a time for not only letting go of the old but also for new beginnings.
Join a Full Moon retreat day to learn the lovely ways in which Ayurveda invites us to nourish body, mind and heart on full moon nights, and if you can join me on the upcoming November Full Moon Retreat Day for some extra special rituals for letting go of that which we don’t need, and for nourishing that which supports us through special Yoga practices, meals, drinks and deep relaxations. All these will be selected for their capacity to nourish the essential strength of our bodies and spirit which is ojas. For more details please click HERE.

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