Ayurveda Autumn Cleanse Programme Sept 17 – 21 2020


According to the teachings of Ayurveda there are two optimal times of year to cleanse the body and support all round health. Just as we would service any vehicle we own regularly, our bodies and minds need that kind of attention to support their ongoing optimal functioning. In this 5 day cleanse programme, we take steps to support the body to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body. Our organs of elimination are constantly working to protect us and support our health. They have extra work to do these days in the form of processed foods, dangerous chemicals in our environments, and the cocktail of pesticides, synthetic hormones and even heavy metals lurking in our food chain.  In addition to this, Ayurveda recognises that living in disharmony with nature, our natal metabolic type, our environment, climate, and even our stage of life, is generating more metabolic wastes than ever before. These are the internally produced toxins our body has to deal with on top of those that are being brought into the body from the environment and food chain. If they become too great for the body to break down properly and eliminate, they get deposited in deep in the  tissues of the body, challenging the healthy functioning of those tissues and body organ. Many modern day neurological, hormonal, weight, and immune system conditions are associated with exposure to toxins in our environment and in the food chain. And many of our 21st century chronic ailments have their root in part ate least, in lifestyle and dietary choices: among these are arthritis, obesity, diabetes and some cancers. When the body tissues and organs struggle with toxicity, Ayurveda tells us we start to get the first signs of disease. Even those niggling complaints are to be listened to, Ayurveda tells us. They are the first signs of disease and include ailments such as aching joints, fatigue even after sleeping, skin rashes, digestive complaints, flatulence, bloating, headaches, constipation, weight gain, low mood, anxiety and/or irritability, difficulty concentrating and difficulty remembering. There is therefore much weighing in the balance in favour of this cleansing. 

The best times to cleanse according to Ayurveda are at the two major transitional times of year: autumn and spring, as we move from summer to winter, and from winter to summer. At these times our body is most vulnerable and so needs this extra support to help it make the transition through the change of season with greater strength and wholeness. Most of us think of Spring as a time to cleanse the body of the toxins of built up through the diet of the Winter months. Equally as valuable is an autumn cleanse, to help free the body of toxins built up over the year and to build strength against Winter sickness. This late summer, autumn cleanse is scheduled to start at the time of the new moon and to finish at the time of the equinox, both significant times for our purpose.

Foods, teas,and  herbs will be selected with an awareness of the autumn season and it’s effects on the body and mind.  How we are through the autumn, has an impact on how we fare through the winter, Ayurveda tells us. And so our lifestyle during this 5 day programme will also be guided by an understanding of the challenges on our mind and physiology that accompany this transitional time.

The programme can be done from your own home with online streamed classes to support you throughout. And before the programme, I am offering each participant a bonus mini 1-1 Ayurveda consultation to ensure that we can adapt any details of this programme specifically to suit your individual requirements and current state of health.

Once you are registered on the programme, you will be given a shopping list of specialist foods and herbs that we will use, along with websites from which to order them to support your cleanse programme.

Please see details of the cleanse content and daily schedule below. 


A mini 1-1 Ayurveda consultation, prior to the programme.

Ayurveda cleansing foods and teas

Special detoxifying broths

Teas to boost the digestive fire

Teas to pacify sweet cravings

Detoxifying herbal formulas

A recipe booklet of all foods and teas.

5 Restore and Replenish Morning Hatha Yoga classes

5 Restore and Replenish Evening Restorative Yoga classes

10 Restore and Replenish morning and evening Breath and Mediation classes

Group conference meetings to ask questions and learn more about Ayurveda and your health

Personalised Ayurveda lifestyle and dietary prescriptions to support an ongoing improvement in your health and well-being after the cleanse has finished. 


Small intestine and colon, Liver, Kidneys, Lymphatics, Blood


After cleansing people often report:

Improved sleep, skin tone, digestion and elimination

Increased energy

Enhanced mood

Reduced pain and inflammation

Greater concentration.

Less brain fog

Improved memory


You will need to give the days 2-5 fully to the programme, and have a lighter schedule for the first day of the programme and a few days after the end of the programme. It will be necessary to abstain from alcohol, caffeine, animal products for the duration of the programme and for a few days after so that you slowly wean yourself back onto these if you wish to return to them. For a few days before the programme begins, you will be given dietary and lifestyle guidelines to all your prepare body and mind for the detoxification process. Acccording to your health condition and Ayurveda prakriti/vikrit,i dietary recommendations will be given for after the programme has finished. Further consultation may also be recommmended to prescribe herbs for you. 


Awake, eliminate, cleanse the tongue, oil the body, drink warm/hot water, shower.

Ginger tea drink and light breakfast and herbs.

Mornng pranayamas and meditation 20 mins

8am Renew and Restore Hatha Yoga class 60 mins (livestream)

11am Special tea

12 noon Group meeting via zoom

1pm Ayurvedic lunch, with ginger tea and herbs.

4pm Afternoon drink and snack.

5.00pm Renew and Restore Restorative Yoga Class

7.00pm Ayurveda light supper and ginger tea drink

8.30pm Guided Yoga nidra

9.00pm Evening drink and herbs.


For further details or to reserve a place please email sarashama108@gmail.com or call 07910-088032

The 5 day programme fee is £199.00 






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