Raja Yoga: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Path of Practice


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are a collection of 196 aphorisms on the theory and practice of Yoga. Scholars debate as to when it was written but it is thought that it must be between 500BC and 400AD. However, the teachings contained within them are far older. They are teachings that were passed down from teacher to disciple through ancient times. The teachings encapsulated in the Yoga Sutras make it one of the foundational classical texts of Yoga. In this text, Patanjali guides us step-by-step through the theory and practice of classical Yoga.He directs us with clear practical formulas towards the ultimate goal of all Yogas, which is the evolution of consciousness.  

In many ways this is the text of the Psychology of Yoga. It is said to be the first and most comprehensive psychology book available. In it are the answers to all our problems. We are taught about the nature of the mind and how to work with it for our greater health and happiness, and for the realisation of who we really are. 


This course is open to all. You don’t need to have practiced Yoga asana before. All that is needed is an open and enquiring mind,and a longing to move towards greater equilibrium in body, mind and heart. That is what this second chapter teaches us. You don’t need to have studied the first chapter to take this course. In fact, the second chapter is more for “beginner ” students on this subtler path of Yoga.


The course will run from April 28 – Jun 16 2021, on Wednesday mornings from 10 – 11am. Recordings will be made available for 6 months from the start of the course, so that you can take the classes according to your own schedule if you cannot join the livestream classes. 


£65.00 for eight weeks.


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