Spring is recognised as the time to clear out toxins from the system in many natural healing traditions. We know it’s tradition to “Spring clean” our homes and it’s good to do the same with our bodies, to support good energy and continued health through the remaining seasons of the year. Ayurveda recognises that after the heavy often fat-rich and hard to digest foods of the winter season we have generally accumulated a degree of toxicity (ama) in our bodies. Once the weather warms not only do the mountain snows melt and moisture increases in the atmosphere and environment, but the toxins (ama) that have accumulated in the body also start to melt and spread clogging our system.

Symptoms of excess toxins in the body can include feeling fatigued and run over on waking, even after a decent night’s sleep, headaches, general low energy, feeling heavy and unmotivated, indigestion, allergen reactions and respiratory complaints, headaches, muscle aches and even weight gain. Spring is the season when the body naturally wants to lighten and clear out these toxins and we can support that with seasonal dietary adjustments, special Ayurveda foods and teas, as well as certain Yoga postures, breathing practices and kriyas (cleansing practices). 

Join me on this afternoon and let’s put the 5 points of Yoga – posture, breath, relaxation, positive thinking, and diet – into a seasonal perspective to support a cleansing and lightening of the body and mind in preparation for the more active and often joyful months of summer ahead.

Take home with you cleansing remedies – recipes, teas and herbal suggestions according to your unique metabolic make up. Spaces are limited to allow for some individual attention. 


Ayurveda and the Spring Season

Ama (toxicity) and Ayurveda ways to reduce it.

Ayurveda Spring detox recipes

An Ayurveda Spring Yoga practice to support the Ayurveda dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Including Yoga posture, Yoga breath, Yoga kriya (cleansing practice) and healing visualisation to enliven cellular detoxfication and healing. 


Yoga mat, Yoga props if you have them (bricks, block, meditation cushion, shawl, blanket/s, belt). 

Note book and pen


Walton Hall Leisure Centre Studio CV35 9HU

FEE: £30 for three hours including  Ayurveda Spring cleanse tea and healthy Spring time snack. 



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