“I feel compelled to comment on my state of mind and body after daily online classes with Sara throughout this lockdown period.  Yes, I am a regular yoga practitioner and rely on my yoga practice to help keep me balanced, but this period of social isolation and all the emotions it has created within us all has been exceptional. Sara’s dedicated care in keeping us all grounded and well has shone through once again.  The daily pranayama (breath work), asanas and meditation have literally changed my days from being full of anxiety, instability and sometimes fear, to days of strength and positivity and I just felt the need to show my appreciation.  You literally change lives Sara and given the regular numbers of us showing up I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in benefiting. With so much appreciation and love”. Mandy McCleod, Leamington Spa, Yoga teacher

Sara thank you for these wonderful lockdown classes, that have bought a sense of purpose and a rhythm to each day.The asana practice has been so positive, five weeks into lockdown and there are many postures that now come far more easily and the peace that I’m finding in meditation is starting to change me when I believed at one time that I might never get to understand what is ‘in me’.  Your kindness, care, love and unparalleled knowledge are humbling and I’m truly blessed to have you as my teacher. And I mean every single word of that. Jude Delaney, Confectioner, Stratford Upon Avon

Sara’s warm and nuturing vibe draws me my mat with ease. She creates a space for us all to connect with each other and ourselves. Every class feels fresh, as Sara shares her wisdoms, there always something new to discover or ponder. I would wholeheartedly recommend her classes. It has been a privilege to attend Sara’s daily classes throughout lockdown. Rosa Chiliari, Psychologist, Stratford upon Avon

 I m dreading lockdown ending in many many ways as I am able to join a class every day whilst working from home. Even if I have to leave early to join a meeting/ call I have started the day in a wonderful way. It’s been fabulous having the time to focus on self care every morning, I’m loving it. Much better than just doing 5 minutes every morning. Thanks for all the classes.You are such a fabulous dedicated teacher.we are extremely lucky. . Renny Wodynska, Stratford Upon Avon

“There are many good yoga-exercise teachers out there, but Shama (Sara Palmer) offers something way beyond that. She lives her life according to the teachings of the Sivananda lineage and gives that to all her students in a caring and sensitive way, accommodating all needs. Her classes embrace asanas, pranayama ,kriya and spirituality with an ayurvedic overview, totally holistic. I have been doing yoga for years with different teachers, but since finding Shama I have stayed with her for 8 years and counting, says it all really!” Penelope Feldon, Stratford Upon Avon

“This was my second retreat with Sara which I would highly recommend.  Sara is a most inspirational teacher with an in- depth knowledge of her yoga practice. Her retreats are authentic, informative and interesting, delving deeper into the philosophy of yoga, Ayurvedic practice and meditation…..A truly lovely, healing and life affirming experience.  I came away feeling relaxed, refreshed and inspired to continue all that I had learnt during the retreat, at home”. Jane Southworth, Oxford

“Sara Palmer is a gentle teacher who has helped me to maximise my potential within the limits of my body, its strengths and weaknesses. I had a few private lessons in the beginning to learn the practices in detail, and this gave me the confidence to attend more classes and improve my own practice. I now have much more strength, flexibility and general confidence. And regular Yoga practice has helped my health in many ways”. KD, Kineton

“I attended Sara’s Practice Intensive recently and thoroughly enjoyed the mix of philosophical yoga teachings alongside a balance of practices that helped me to leave feeling nourished and renewed. Taught with great insight and attention to detail, the intensive was well-paced and inclusive.” ADH, Stratford Upon Avon

A wonderful Practice Intensive session that included asanas, meditation, kriyas, silent walking (and more) that left me beautifully relaxed and calm. To have that time to immerse completely in the practice with Sara is very special and I am looking forward to the next one.” JD, Stratford Upon Avon

“Thank you for the teachings (on the Meditation course).It has been really interesting and I have been surprised at how much similarity there is with the Christian faith. I do feel more reassured that eventually with perseverance and regular practice, I will be able to attain at least some level of meditation, and I know now that I have the tools to acheive this. I am certainly intending to continue with my morning practice.” SS, Shipston-on-Stour

“After only three days, I am impressed with the striking progress seen in some of the other participants’ practice. Shama is able to push her students’ limits with a meditative and varied practice. I love the way she connects with everyone on a personal level, being caring and careful to the needs of each student.”
Lucia Garavaglia, Kindred Spirit magazine

“Sara’s Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation retreat offers a pause from the frenetic pace of the world, to take time to go deeper into yourself.”
Lucia Garavaglia, Kindred Spirit magazine

Amazing full moon retreat in Cyprus led by Sara, a full program going deeply into many aspects of yoga. Thanks Shama for all the fun we had, the joy we shared, and the opportunity to deepen our practice in such beautiful surroundings”.
DO, Stratford Upon Avon 

A retreat for body, soul, and mind, and I take many new skills, experiences, and friends with me home
CD, Sweden

It was very relaxing and enjoyable. Shama was very good and knowledgeable. A great experience!
MP, London

Lovely location. Nice group of people. Good amount and range of sessions.”

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