Ayurveda Digestive Reset Retreat, North Cotswolds Apri 24 – 26, 2020

 Are you constantly feeling tired? Do you wake up feeling like you’ve been run over? Or do you have frequent kind of low-grade fever? Aches and pains in the joints? Headaches? Bad taste in the mouth? Foggy mind? Sleepy after eating? Constipation? Bloating? Inflammatory conditions in the gut? Then why not put your phones and devices aside for three days and give yourself some true and healing TLC.
All these symptoms in Ayurveda indicate the presence of toxicity in the body and are the early stages of disease from an Ayurveda perspective. If left unaddressed, toxicity builds up and lodges itself deep in our tissues impairing body function and ultimately in many of us this leads to one of the many chronic 21st century. 
And so I have set up this Ayurveda Digestive Retreat weekend in the beautiful N Cotswolds as an opportunity for you to give your digestive system a chance to heal and reset itself with the ancient time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda. 
In Ayurveda, disease starts in the gut. Well, actually in Ayurveda it starts in the mind but begins to manifest in our physical body first through poor digestion and elimination. In this weekend we will give the digestive system a chance to reset itself through special foods, teas and herbal formulas which will help bring balance to your individual Ayurvedic metabolic type. Giving the organs of elimination and the gut a boost, can help to relieve many of the symptoms listed above as toxins are brought from deep in the tissues and back into the gut for elimination from the body. The results?
Less pain, or pain free
Better sleep and peace of mind
More efficient digestion and elimination
Less fatigue and fogginess in the mind
More energy and focus
Of course symptoms that have been there for a long time will not necessarily go after three days’ on retreat, though sometimes the changes are fast once we give the body the right conditions. However, you will have  given the body a kick-start towards making 2020 a year of greater vitality and well-being. And you will leave the weekend with the understanding of how to continue to eat and live rightly to support your digestion and thereby your health in general long after the weekend is ended. 
There’ll be gentle Yoga, restorative Yoga, Yoga nidra, guided meditations, breathing practices for detoxification of the body and balance in the mind, healing mantras, walks in nature and cleansing rejuvenating Ayurveda foods and herbs to clear, nourish and revitalise body and mind.

All foods and herbal remedies are chosen to help strengthen and nourish your organs of assimilation and elimination for improved functioning, and to cleanse the blood and support the lymphatics for renewed vitality and improved mood. After the festivities, let’s give the digestive system a healing boost and start 2020 giving body, mind and spirit a reboot.

If you have any specific condition / digestive problems,I suggest a 1-1 session in advance of the weekend so that we can bring personally prescribed dietary adjustments and herbal remedies to your weekend to support the healing process.

Yoga practices will be gentle to save energy for the body to cleanse and heal, and postures will be chosen to support the healing process.

We will be staying in a beautiful Cotswold hotel, the Slaughters Country Inn, just a 10 minute drive from Stow-on-Wold with walks in nature on the door step and lovely gardens for breathing in the fresh air. 




The Practices

The Yoga classes will draw from my training in Sivananda, classical Hatha, dynamic Hatha, Ayurveda, Tantra, Restorative and Yin Yoga styles. 

 To allow us to save energy for cleansing the body and building strength the practices will be gentle but with a focus on supporting the organs of elimination and lymphatics, as well as inspiring and uplifting mind and heart. 

There will be a gentle Yoga class in the morning, guided by the teachings of Ayurveda for the Late Winter season. We will move through kriyas (cleansing practices), to asanas (postures), to pranayama (breathing) to meditations. In the late afternoon there will be a Restorative Yoga session with Yoga nidra. In the evenings we will enjoy guided meditations and joyful chant to support a restful night’s sleep. There will also be a talk on Ayurveda and the role of the digestive system in our health and well-being. 


The Teacher


I have been practicing Yoga for more than 30 years, and teaching for 11 years. I trained with the Sivananda Yoga lineage to advanced level, and lived and worked as a senior staff member in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas for much of 5 years. I am also a fully qualified Yoga Therapist registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and a certified Ayurveda Practitioner and Educator.

As a full-time Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist and Ayurveda Practitioner, I am dedicated to sharing all that I have learned, not only in my years in the Sivananda ashram and since returning here in the UK, but also on spiritual travels all across the globe. I have travelled to India, Japan, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Canada, Scotland, USA and Bahamas to learn from and practice different healing and spiritual traditions. I have done further study in Ayurveda with leading world figures in the field, and workshops and further study in Yoga with many international teachers and masters of Yoga. I am currently doing further training in classical Hatha Yoga. 

I love teaching on retreat. This allows me to share with you the amazing benefits of living a Yoga lifestyle and committing to daily practice of Yoga posture, breathing and meditation

When not teaching, I spend much time journeying more deeply into the fields of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta, exploring their teachings for healing and transformation of the human body, mind and spirit. I have started to write a regular blog and write a monthly Ayurveda column for Kindred Spirit magazine online. 


The Venue

A beautiful old country inn, The Slaughters Country Inn,  in a lovely village setting with gardens and a pretty stream, trees and fields surrounding. The accommodation is high quality and comfortable to support our rest and rejuvenation of body and mind during these days. 

The Food

Our meals will be vegan, and seasonal, selected with the teachings of Ayurveda in mind.The foods will be specially created to help cleanse, soothe and rest the digestive tract, kindle the digestive fire, and support the organs of elimination. The foods will be supported by special herbal formulas and healing medicinal (but yummny!) teas. 

The Accomodation

Single or twin accommodation with ensuite is on offer. 

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11 + 11 =


A little Yoga experience and a willingness to join all Yoga practices, and abstain from alcohol and use of recreational drugs during the weekend. 

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6 + 15 =

Daily Schedule

  • 7.30am Wake up drink
  • 8.00 – 9.30am Gentle Yoga session
  • 9.30am Breakfast
  • 12.30pm Pre-Lunch talk/guided practice/Q&A session
  • 1.00pm  Ayurveda special lunch
  • 5.30pm    Afternoon Restorative Yoga
  • 7.00pm Ayurveda  special supper
  • 8.30pm  Evening guided healing relaxation or Yoga Nidra
  • 9.30pm Herbal remedies.
  • Check in on the friday is from 2pm our first meeting will be at 4pm.
  • Check out is 11am on Monday morning. We will have a 1 hour Hatha session and breakfast before leaving. 
    *The schedule timings may change according to circumstances of the weekend. 

What To Bring

Please bring comfortable casual clothing, yoga gear, yoga mat/brick/block, meditation cushion, walking shoes, natural cosmetics if possible to protect the environment, any special foods or supplements you like to take.

Getting There

The Slaughters Country Inn, Lower Slaughter, Glocs GL54 2HS

For directions, please click the link here: https://www.theslaughtersinn.co.uk/location/directions


A £200.00 deposit is required to secure your place on the retreat. The remainder is due one month before the retreat.

  • From £395.00 for a twin/double room, full board for three nights, Jan 31 – Feb 3
  • £130.00 supplement for a single room.
  • Plus £30.00 per person for cleansing and rejuvenating individually prescribed herbal supplements.
  • Includes a free 30 minute Skype or face-to-face consultation, worth £39.00, to determine the best herbs for your personal needs and any dietary adjustments.

This fee includes all meals, Yoga tuition, Ayurvedic foods and special teas.

Not included in the fee are transfers to and from the venue. Also, extra snacks and drinks taken outside of the venue.

How to Book

Places are limited and are being taken already, so please book soon if you’ d like to join.

For more information or for booking please contact me once you have decided you would like to join us. I will send my bank details for transfer of a £200 non-refundable deposit to secure your place and a registration form. Please let me know if you require a single or shared room. The balance will be due one month before departure. 


Get In Touch

07910 088 032
email me

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