Welcoming In The Light:A Winter Solstice Practice & Celebration, Fri Dec 20th 7pm

On this special Winter Solstice Day, please join me for a candlelit guided “meditation on the light” to mark the return of the Light to the earth as the days start to get lighter again, and in recognition of the inner light of consciousness which always shines brightly. We will follow the meditation with joyful, heartful sacred chant, followed by a gathering for warming teas and/or a drink and snack in the Orangery Bar at Walton Hall Hotel. 

The meditation will start at 7.00pm but beforehand there will be a Kundalini Meditation to special music to deeply de-stress the body and mind which will lead us nicely into Restorative Yoga practice. We recently did these two practices back-to-back and the result was a profoundly deep state of rest. The Kundalini meditation and Restorative Yoga session will be from 4.30pm. 


4.30pm Kundalini Yoga

5.30pm, Restorative Yoga

6.30pm Warming Tea break

7.00pm Guided candlelight meditation, storytelling and sacred chant followed by warming teas/drink and snack.


Kundalini and Restorative Session £20.00

Solstice Meditation and Celebration £20.00

Both sessions: £30.00


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