June 25th – Healing Power of the Breath Workshop, 2 – 5pm, Warwickshire

Sept 3rd – Harnessing Solar and Lunar Energies in Classical Hatha Yoga Practice, 2- 5pm, Warwickshire

In this workshop we will explore how Hatha Yoga works, the role of the solar and lunar energies within Hatha Yoga, how to adapt Yoga posture and breathing practice to engage each of these energies and the effect of doing so. We will enjoy a solar and lunar Hatha Yoga class.

Oct 1st – Late Summer Silence, A Day Retreat, Warwickshire 11am – 5pm

Taking care of ourselves at this time of year is crucial to our health and immunity throughout the coming winter months. It is a time for slowing down and for introspection. Enjoy time out for yourself, special seasonal Ayurvedic Yoga practices, a seasonal, strengthening, wholesome, vegetarian meal, and a talk on maintaining health and fitness in this important transitional time of year and through to winter.

Dec 17th – End of Year Thanks-Giving Yoga Gathering, 2- 5pm Warwickshire

A heartful Yoga practice, gratfiude and healing meditation for all that’s passed this year, celebratory kirtan (ancient Sanskrit chanting) and time for chai and treats.


January 21st 2018 -Yoga for Pain Relief 2 – 5pm, Warwickshire

Some new teachings and breathing practices to relieve back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain, and other painful inflammatory conditions in the body.

February 25th – 2018 Yoga Detox Day, 11am – 5pm Warwickshire

Postures and breathing practices, and dietary teachings, all guided by Ayurvedic Yoga, to help cleanse and shift stagnation from the internal organs, supporting our bodies and minds as we start to move from winter months to early Spring.

April 22nd – 2018 Journey to the Source: Yoga, the mind, emotions and cellular healing workshop, 2 – 5pm. Warwickshire

A heart-opening Yoga practice to prepare for a guided heart-centred meditation to take us to a place of healing within us. We will look at areas where it is difficult for us to forgive and let go of emotions of grief, anger, hurt.  The release of these long-held hidden emotions which may be at the root of our unhappiness and ailments becomes possible through a gentle guided enquiry process and final new cellular healing meditation. All these practices can bring renewed levels of energy and well-being.

May 20th – Prana and Pranayama: the Healing Power of the Breath, 2-5pm Warwickshire

Learn about the power of the breath, how it links into your nervous system and the subconscious, and how to work with the vital energy carried by your breath in various breath focused asana and pranayama practices to balance body, mind and heart. Experience the deep stillness of mind that is possible when we know how to engage and change our breathing.

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