Yoga Classes

These classes are ideal for those with some Hatha Yoga experience. Classes include sun salutations (surya namaskar).

Ayurvedic Yoga flow sequences to balance body and mind, and longer static holding of asanas from the 12 basic postures, and their variations, in the Sivananda Vedanta International style of practice. Classes are one hour or one and half hours and include pranayama (yogic breathing) practice, deep relaxation and meditation practices as well as Yoga posture practice.

Beginners are welcome and each class will offer variations of postures to adapt the practice to each individual’s capacity. However, beginners may also like to check when the next beginners’ course is so that you will get an in-depth teaching of the basics of Hatha Yoga practice.

For times and location of open hatha yoga classes please see schedule.

For booking please call me on 07910-088032 with your questions or for more information, or email me.

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