Yoga in Your Workplace?

The corporate world is investing more and more each year on wellness in the workplace, and this includes increasing amounts on meditation and Yoga classes. In the USA, 22% of companies already offer meditation training at work, according to a study by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) and Fidelity Investments. Another 21 percent plan to add such training in 2017. Companies such as Nike, Google, and Apple already offer meditation and Yoga classes. Yoga in offered in the workplace can include chair Yoga classes, lunch time classes, 1-1 classes. These are partly Wellness-based incentives to employers. Employees want to show that they are committed to promoting health and well-being. Talent is hard to find and hold onto and so companies are needing to show they are committed to individual well-being. And it seems they are beginning to understand the tremendous role Yoga can play not only in the mission to offer greater support of employee well-being, but also in adding something very positive to corporate culture. Adding Yoga and meditation to the workplace environment, can help to forge deeper and more positive social connections and communication between employees. 

Yoga and meditation in the workplace can:

Combat the physical effects of sitting for a long period of time. It’s becoming more and more widely recognised how harmful this is to our health. 

  • Increase stress resilience and help prevent burnout. 
  • Create a happier more relaxed workforce is more productive. 
  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Support team building.
  • Refresh and increase vitality.
  • Correct the adverse postural effects of sitting at the desk and computer for long periods of a time.
  • Relieve pain and tension in the body which can affect work performance. 
  • Improve breathing which will lead to more oxygen in the brain and greater mental acuity. 
  • Improve sleep and digestion
  • Enhance mood by boosting endorphin production

I’d  love to come to your workplace to teach a special class or to offer regular classes to your employees or colleagues. Below is a link to LoveYogaHealing page with details on the various corporate Yoga  programmes I offer. There’s so much scope to create a Yoga class or programme specifically for your workplace needs. Please do click the link to see if there is something that might be of interest to you. 

Corporate Yoga






Yoga and meditation classes are showing the following results in companies: 

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