10 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Scientific research has recently documented the following 10 benefits from the practice of Mindfulness Meditation, On July 28th 2019, Cat Hamilton will join me to teach a Midsummer Mindfulness and Yoga Day on the beautiful Walton Hall estate. Perhaps even just one of these benefits will inspire you to join us and bring the wonderful practice of mindfulness into your daily life.

Get better sleep. 

For insomniacs, there is nothing better than a good night’s sleep and yet it eludes so many of us. Research has shown that adults diagnosed with sleep disturbances find that the practice of mindfulness meditation improves sleep problems and associated daytime impaired mental functioning.

Lower your stress levels.

Mindfulness meditation can help to build stress-resilience, and it is proven that focusing on the present through the practice of mindfulness can reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Make progress toward your weight-loss goals.

My own students have told me that awareness to the breath and thought patterns which we practice in Yoga class, and which are typical of a Mindfulness practice, help them to curb cravings and eating patterns.  And indeed it has been proven that eating meals mindfully can support  weight loss. The focus of dieters can be brought onto the role emotions play in weight management, rather than solely on diets and exercise.

Banish negative feelings.

As we know from our Hatha Yoga practice, combining movement with mindfulness brings the mind into the present moment and helps us to make space from negative moods and thoughts.

Decrease loneliness.

Mindfulness meditation canhelp us feel less lonely and isolated by connecting us to an inner part of ourselves from where we can move in the world and connect with others, breaking patterns of feeling shut down and cut off.

Help prevent depression relapse.

Mindfulness meditation shows practitioners how to disengage from the kind of thoughts that accompany depression and can help prevent relapse once the tools and skills are learned and practiced.

 Reduce anxiety.

It is held that a single session of Mindfulness Meditation can reduce the presence of anxiety.

Improve attention.

It has long been held that meditation practice can lead to enhanced concentration. In fact, in Yoga, concentration is the first practice to develop and from this meditation arises. Also it is held that  memory is improved, and anxiety and fatigue are reduced as mindfulness is increased.

Manage chronic pain.

Mindfulness combined with yoga, has been found to result in significant improvements in pain levels and overall well-being.

Increase brain gray matter.

When I lived in the ashram in Bahamas, I was amazed at the intelligence and eloquence of our Yoga and meditation teachers. They were long time committed practitioners. Mindfulness meditation is said to increase the grey matter in the brain, especially the regions involved in memory and learning processes, and regulation of emotion


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