Ayurveda Living Course, from January 22nd 2022

A comprehensive training in the timeless ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for harmonious modern day living, empowering you to make positive informed changes for the health of your body and mind according to your individual metabolic make-up.

  • Do you suffer from a chronic illness or general feelings of malaise?
  • Do you experience digestive discomfort, fatigue, general aches and pains, anxiety, lack of motivation, insomnia?
  • Are you motivated to take responsibility for your physical and mental-emotional well-being?
  • Would you like to understand more about your individual metabolism and the best nutrition for your constitutional type?
  • Do you prefer alternative and natural ways to support your health and well-being?
  • Are you a committed Yoga practitioner looking to deepen your personal practice on the mat, and to take the understanding of the teachings to another level in your daily life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this Ayurveda Living course can provide you with the tools and understanding to support your personal health and well-being, making the right nutritional and lifestyle choices for your metabolism and constitutional type and to support your friends and family to do the same.

This is a 6 month course which runs across three 8-week modules. All classes are livestreamed and there is an option to join face-to-face for the Saturday afternoon classes. The venue will be in the Stratford Upon Avon district.

The learning is practical and theoretical with study of the metabolism, lifestyle, exercise, breath, sound, foods (including recipes and special Ayurveda foods), meditations and Ayurveda Yoga practices.

The lifestyle recommendations of Ayurveda are a major part of any Ayurvedic treatment. And so whether you are feeling under the weather, living with a chronic illness, or wanting to maintain your health and well-being, bringing Ayurveda lifestyle and dietary prescriptions into your life can be tremendously empowering. In Ayurveda the foundation of health in body and mind is right living, and this course will teach you what that is specifically for your metabolic body type. With this knowledge you can keep body and mind in a state of equilibrium, and will know how to support and guide your loved ones to do likewise.

For participants of this course I will be offering a new Ayurveda Teacher Training Course later in the year. This course will qualify Yoga teachers to structure classes according to the teachings of Ayurveda, and to work therapeutically with Ayurveda and Yoga combined in 1-1 sessions.


“What an amazing 4 days of learning in the Ayurveda Living Intensive. Huge thanks to Shama Sara Palmer of LoveYogaHealing for all her dedicated teachings. Learning to live in tune with the natural rhythms of life is a rather beautiful choice. Inspiring guidance from Shama in practical and more subtle ways. Always delivered with genuine care and passion”. Mandy McCleod, Leamington Spa, Ayurveda Living Retreat, Aug 2019 in UK

“I am new to Ayurveda. I really appreciate the way Shama offered the teachings in a recent weekend retreat. The retreat went beyond didactic teaching as it was offered in a generous and knowledgeable manner. I am left feeling that I had an authentic taste of Ayurveda which has captured my curiosity to enquire futher. Thank you Shama for sharing your knowledge and experience of Ayurveda”. Rosa Chiliari , Stratford Upon Avon, Ayurveda Living Retreat, Aug 2019 in UK

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Ayurveda Living course and really looked forward to Wednesday afternoons!  I found it extremely informative for changing the way we view not only our diet, but the bigger picture of life in general. It has certainly changed some of my habits for the better.  Shama is extremely knowledgeable and passes on her teaching with great enthusiasm.  The fact that each session was recorded for us to listen to if we missed a class was an added bonus – it also helps to recap on a class before the next session.  I look forward to future Ayurveda teachings from Shama.  Thank you and Namaste!” JP Stratford Upon Avon, Ayurveda Living Course, Spring 2018


I am working towards getting this course accredited for CPDUs for professional therapists, practitioners and Yoga teachers. Please ask me about this.


Food, Breath and Sound – Introduction to Ayurveda Living This course is an introduction to Ayurvedic principles, to your own metabolic type, to aligning yourself with the rhythms of the day, season, and time of life: food, breath, sound and meditation practices for your metabolic type. You will have a good understanding at the end of the course of how to eat, work, play for your Ayurvedic type, the effects of seasons on your metabolic type and how to combat them, the best types of exercise and work for your type, and possible causes of any health issues such as digestive problems, sleep problems, mood problems.


Over eight weekly lessons we  will cover the theory and practice of the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda  – it’s philosophy of life and the universe, and it’s history.
  • 5 elements and their influence on the senses, seasons, foods
  • The doshas (humours) of the body
  • Discovering and understanding your dosha, metabolic type, it’s inherent physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses, and how to antidote the weaknesses with diet and lifestyle..
  • Living in harmony with the seasons
  • Ojas: the essence of immunity in Ayurveda
  • Daily self-practices
  • Healing pranayama, mantra and meditation.
  • Inner enquiry

Module 2:

Ayurvedic Kitchen Sadhana (practice).  In this second module, we build on and implement practically the knowledge learned in Module 1 to create an Ayurvedic kitchen. You will learn to fill your kitchen with balancing foods, utensils and practices. An Ayurvedic kitchen transforms our kitchen into sacred space and the preparation of our foods becomes an enjoyable and healing sacred ritual to nourish this temple of our souls, the body. We explore how best to prepare grains, legumes, vegetables and spice blends based on the understanding drawn from Module 1. We recall learning from Module 1, to understand the benefits that the various foods can bring and how to prepare them to enhance those benefits.

We will make special seasonal Ayurveda foods and learn how to use various grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables seasonally, for our metabolism and for their healing power.


  • Creating a sacred Ayurvedic sadhana kitchen
  • Ayurvedic nutrition – how to eat for your metabolic type, eating through the seasons and stages of life, the 6 tastes
  • Attuning daily life to cosmic rhythms and your metabolic type – season, climate, environment, age, and dosha (humour) in Ayurveda.
  • Wholesome observances for food
  • Importance of chanting during food sadhana
  • Food sadhanas – sadhana of the seed, grain, vegetables, fruit, and beans

Module 3:

Inner Medicine – Ayurveda for Body, Mind and Soul Once we start to apply the teachings and practices learned in Modules 1 and 2, we will find our whole being starting to change. We feel more whole, happy and balanced. From this state of balance, we start to feel the call to move even more into richness, joy and contentment which lie within us as our natural state of being. The ancient texts of Yoga teach us of this inner world  and the Ayurvedic-Yoga practices of this Module 3 are essentially simple means to take us back there.

This is a very special programme which refines and deepens the integration of the teachings of the Vedas (Yoga and Ayurveda) not only into our daily routines and activities but into our whole selves. It is about the subtler healing prescriptions of Ayurveda to transform body, mind and heart into a state of greater integration, equilibrium and health.

These practices awaken a greater sensitivity and connection to ourselves and to Life itself. We find our vitality, positivity, intuition, clarity and awareness expand. Following Modules 1 & 2, we will explore the subtle body and layers of the mind with beautiful, rarely taught practices.


Over eight weekly lessons we  will cover the theory and practice of the following subjects:

  • Ayurveda’s Inner Medicine Healing
  • Breath work for the 3 doshas
  • Mantra for healing and the doshas
  • The maha gunas (three attributes) of the mind
  • Mantra, the mind and mantra meditation
  • Cosmic Anatomy – the three bodies, chakras and nadis
  • Honouring ancestry
  • Meditations for the three doshas
  • Inner enquiry into psychology

The complete Ayurveda Living Course, runs over a 6 month period and includes a weekly Q&A session, classes on Saturdays from 2-4pm, and an online group so that can ask your questions and get support with the course at any time.

The cost of the full course is £1500.00, payable in 6 instalments of £250.00 per month.


Please email me to reserve your place or to book a discovery call so that I can answer your questions about the course.  f

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