Journey Into Meditation: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice

“Shama is a most inspirational teacher with an in- depth knowledge of her yoga practice. (Her retreats are)…… authentic, informative and interesting, delving deeper into the philosophy of yoga, Ayurvedic practice and meditation….” Jane, Oxford
Learn life-long tools to transform your state of mind and quality of thoughts. Take support to build a daily meditation practice that suits you personally for greater peace of mind and mental-emotional well-being. 
Research shows the following benefits of a regular meditation practice:
  • Reduces Stress. Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation. …
  • Controls Anxiety. Less stress translates to less anxiety. …
  • Promotes Emotional Health.
  • Enhances Self-Awareness.
  • Lengthens Attention Span.
  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss.
  • Can Generate Kindness.
  • May Help Fight Addictions.
This online meditation course runs over 8 weeks and classes are live streamed into your home and recorded so that you can join me live in person or study the lesson recordings at your own convenience to suit your schedule.
The course is an introduction to meditation theory and practice from a classical Yoga perspective. You will learn traditional meditation techniques as taught by master Yogis and as described in the main classical Yoga text, “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”. The Yoga Sutras are said to be one of the world’s first psychology texts and it is said that there are answers in this text for all our psychological issues. We will draw on verses from this text which support an understanding of how the mind works from a Yoga perspective and how meditation works to restore equilibrium to the mind, focus the mind, build contentment and uplift the mind. You will learn ancient, time-tested classical meditation techniques that work to bring you greater inner stability, peace of mind, concentration and confidence. You can use these for a lifetime to empower you to use ta balanced mind for your health and happiness rather than to be trapped in an  unruly mind with all the suffering that brings on physical, mental and emotional levels of being.  
The meditations will include meditation on the breath, mantra (sound) meditation, meditation on an outer physical object and meditation on an internal points of focus, for varying effect.
This course puts meditation clearly in a Yoga perspective and will thereby deepen and transform your approach to Hatha Yoga practice. 
I hope you can join us. 
Weekly question and answer sessions live streaming on wednesdays. You can send your questions in advance if you can’t attend the wednesday sessions and I will answer them in the session for you to listen to at a later time.
Weekly pre-recorded sessions. 
Daily meditation practices to support a home practice that suits your personality and your daily schedule.
FEE: It is £108 for 8 weeks. 
BOOKING: Please email me to book your place on the next course. 

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