Ayurveda Body Treatments


Ayurveda body treatments are wonderful to experience. They are far more than a massage. They are a therapeutic treatment, detoxifying, stimulating or calming, strengthening and rejuvenating, which use luxurious and healing medicinal oils and finely ground herbal powders, herbal pastes and poultices, body scrubs and skin nourishers. 

Once you have had your initial consultation, I may recommend any of the following therapeutic body treatments to support your healing process. The body treatments work to take excess dosha (humour) and ama (toxins) from the tissues of the body to the alimentary tract for elimination, they also work to steady and calm the nervous system. 

Treatment Descriptions: 
  1. Snehana involves oleation of the body with warmed medicinal oils. This treatment helps to reduce excess dosha (humour), detoxify the tissues, and calm and balance mind and mood. Snehana can last from 1- 2hrs. It is deeply relaxing and it is recommended to plan to rest after treatment. It is particularly beneficial for nervousness, insomnia, and stress. Cost: £75.00
  2. Shirodhara involves warm medicinal oil which is gently poured in a continuous stream over certain pressure points across the forehead. Shirodhara is used to treat a variety of conditions but particularly neurological disorders, insomnia, memory loss, tinnitus, vertigo, anxiety and mental stress and certain types of skin diseases like psoriasis. It is a deeply calming and profound treatment, giving an experience similar to that obtained in deep meditation. It is thought to work by relaxing the hypothalamus in the brain and can normalise the functions of hormones that regulate sleep and emotions. Shirodhara is preceded by snehana treatment. Cost; Snehana and Shirodhara £100.00

3. Pinda Svedana treatments combine the heat and lubrication qualities of Ayurveda body treatments through the unique application of poultices of warm rice and herbs to the body via bolouses which are applied to the body in stimulating energizing moves to remove sluggishness and achiness from the body and to nourish the tissues – skin, muscles, bones and joints. It is preceded by a snehana treatment and lasts for about 2 hours. Cost: Snehana and Pinda Svedana, £100.00

4. Nadi Svedana is a unique heat application treatment used therapeutically in Ayurveda. It involves inducing sweating by passing steam over the body using a specially designed instrument: steam is applied to the body via a tube attached to the instrument. It is preceded by snehana treatment and is said to relieve pain and congestion in the body, odema, it helps to remove/reduce body stiffness or stiffness in the joints, waste products from the tissues, it softens the body and improves circulation of the blood. Cost: Snehana and Nadi Svedana £100

5. Udvartana is a stimulating, detoxifying and exfoliating treatment, given after Snehana treatment. It uses a paste made from finely-ground Ayurveda herbs blended with medicinal herbs. Cost: Snehana and Udvartana £100.00

6. Basti Treatments also follow snehana therapy and involve the application of a well of warm medicinal oil to points on the body – namely, the lower back, upper back and/or mid part of the chest or heart centre. Basti means to hold or contain. A container or well is made on the body using a dough made form urud dahl flour and the warm oil is poured in to fill the well. They are fantastic for relieving pain and stiffness in the back, soothing the nerves and reducing/slowing degeneration and inflammation.  bring a deeply nourishing sense of stillness and profound calm when applied to the heart centre. These treatments improve blood supply wherever they are applied. Cost: Snehana and Basti treatments £100.00

To book your Ayurveda therapeutic treatment please check my schedule page on this website for possible 1-1 session times, and then please email me with your preferred times and dates to check for availability.  These treatments should not be confused with regular massage treatments. They are strongly therapeutic and it is recommended not to make plans for some hours after the treatment, or if possible even for the rest of the day to allow maximum benefit.

You will need to shower after the treatments due to the use of medicinal oils, pastes and poultices.

Please email me to enquire about suitable Ayurveda treatments for you.

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