Livestream and Recorded Classes, May 11-16 2020

Tuesday Mornings

Traditional Hatha Class

A one hour class with sun salutes, classical Hatha approach to stillness in postures, relaxation and breath practices to set body and mind for the day ahead. Join me for an extra 30 mins pranayama and meditation from 9-9.30, optional.

£10/class on a pay as you go basis. Or for block book options please see rates

8.00-9.00am (9-9.30am extra optional pranayama and meditation).

To book a place please email me

Tuesday Evenings

Gentle-Restorative Yoga:

This class will be gentle with use of props and a good preparation for sleep. Please have any props such as Yoga bricks, block, cushion, blanket, belt, bolster (or extra towels/blankets, or a pillow wrapped in  a towel). 

£10/session pay as you go, or for block book options please see rates

6.00  7.00pm, 


Wednesday Mornings

Sivananda Hatha Yoga Class  

A simply structured classical approach to Hatha Yoga with kriya (cleansing practice), and postures from 8-9am, followed by pranayama and mediation from 9-9.30am

£10/session pay as you go or for block book options please see rates

8.00 – 9.00am (with optional extra 30mins from 9.00 – 9.30am for pranayama and meditation)

Wednesday Lunchtimes

Restorative Yoga Class

A deeply restful class A great way to unwind mid-week. Please bring props; a yoga block, bricks, belt, cushion, bolster (or extra towels/blankets or a pillow rolled in a towel).

£10/session pay as you go or for block book packages please see rates

12.00 – 1.00pm

To book email

Thursday Mornings

Mixed Level Hatha Yoga 

A 1.5 hour class. Suitable for all with at least some Yoga experience, variations on postures will be offered to suit your level of experience and ability. The practice will include dynamic movement in and out of postures, to support alignment, and deepening into postures and their energetic effect. There are also breath and meditation practices included. 

8.00-9.00am posture practice.  (9-9.30am optional extra 30 mins for the breath and meditation practices).

£10/session or for block book packages please see rates 

To book email:

Thursday Evenings

Gentle Hatha Yoga  

A popular one hour class with gentler postures for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this a soft Hatha practice, perfect for evening time. It is ideal for those who have to be cautious due to injury or other physical restriction. The pace is steady and slow, and adaptations to poses are offered to meet everyone’s needs. Besides postures, we enjoy deep relaxation and breathing practices in this class.

£10/pay as you go or for block book packages please see rates


To book email:

Friday Mornings

Sivananda Hatha Yoga Class

A 1.5 hour class. Suitable for all with at least some Yoga experience, based on the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres Hatha Yoga practice. Variations on postures will be offered to suit your level of experience and ability. The practice is awareness focused to calm the mind and balance the nervous system in the middle of our busy weeks, and yet there will be enough movement to support strengthening and building flexibility in the body, as well as to wring out tensions from the musculature. 

£10/class on a pay as you go basis or for block book options please see rates

8.00-9.00am kriya and posture practice.  (9=9.30am optional extra pranayama and medtiation practices).

To book a place please email

Friday Afternoons

Yin-Restorative Yoga Class

A Yin style class to give a gentle nourishing wind-down after a busy week. Soft music from my playlist accompanies us on this journey to a place of ease and stillness. The whole practice invites a deeply relaxed state of body and mind, leaving us ready to begin the weekend with tensions released, and the mind eased.

£10/session pay as you go or for block book packages please see rates

To book email;

4.30 – 5.30pm

Friday Evenings

Satsang:  Meditation and  The Healing Power of Vedic Chanting

Satsang generally means to “gather in the company of Truth” It is to gather with a shared intention of coming together to connect with that timeless place of wholeness and completeness that the Yoga teachings tell us lie within each one of us, Satsang includes a guided meditation, joyful chanting and usually a spiritual discourse or reading. 

This week, friday April 24th we will look at the power of sacred Vedic mantras, and will learn and recite together a mantra especially powerful to chant for protection, healing and to support cure during this time of Covid 19. 

This is a FREE session to which all are invited.


Please email me for the link to join this session at 

Saturday Mornings

Mixed Level Hatha Yoga

A more dynamic class yet still with a traditional approach to practice. This class is ideal for those with some Yoga experience who like to challenge themselves within a steady-paced practice. Postures, breathing practices and guided meditations for specific transformation of states of body and mind are included in this class. The class is influenced by my training in Advanced Sivananda Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Ayurveda Yoga styles. All the is in the beautiful setting of the Walton Hall estate. Enjoy a good walk in the grounds before or after class, or join class mates for a tea in the hotel after class.

£10/class pay as you go, or for block book packages please see rates

10.00 – 11.30am 

To book, email:

Saturday Afternoons

Chai and Chat 

Let’s get together with tea on Zoom for a chat about anything: you can ask me any of your Yoga and Ayurveda questions and I’ll endeavour to answer as best I can, share insights, challenges, gifts arising for you in the current social distancing situation. Hear teaching stories and poems. All are welcome. I will send you a chai recipe, or other Ayurveda tea recipe and we can enjoy it together.

There will be a question to consider each week to get the conversation flowing…..This week, as we enter week 5 of lockdown, and as government now seems to be entering into a discussion as to how and when to start to wind down this lockdown, we are all very much in the unknown,. We don’t know how long lockdown will go on, how life will be afterwards, and what will happen regarding the virus. And so here is something to consider before joining the Chai and Chat session this week:

How is it for you to be in this state of “not-knowing”, do you have coping strategies, or mental perspectives you engage to support yourself? 


Free session and all are welcome. 

To book email me:






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