Private Hatha Yoga

“Thank you so much for helping me with my lower back problems. The exercises you showed me have really worked and I have much less trouble getting to sleep. I was really impressed with the way you assessed my weak areas and designed a programme especially for me. I really enjoy your classes too. I have tried yoga several times before and you are definitely the best teacher!” KF, Barford


Private Hatha Yoga sessions are for those who cannot make the weekly Yoga classes and/or who prefer specific assistance and/or specially tailored Yoga programmes. In these private classes, you can learn how to adapt the practices to suit your body, taking into account physical restrictions, specific areas where you feel limited range of motion or weak muscle groups, postural anomalies, injury, musculo-skeletal conditions such as arthritis.

You can also receive guidance to develop the breathing practices included in the Hatha Yoga classes, and how to deeply relax your body.

A personalised programme that can fit into your lifestyle and daily schedule can be created taking all the above factors into account.

I can occasionally travel to your home or place of work. Mainly I offer 1-1 sessions in my home Yoga Room

For booking please call me on 07910-088032 with your questions or for more information, or email me.

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