Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations

Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations:

Ayurveda translates as  “knowledge of life”. Ayur is life, and veda is knowledge of understanding. Ayurveda does exactly that: it brings us to a more complete understanding of our life – body, mind and soul – and the impact of our lifestyle and environment on our health and well-being. It is the most ancient medical science and the worlds leading medical traditions have drawn from Ayurveda. 
Ayurveda remains the only medical system that can assess your individual metabolism, it’s role in any symtptoms presenting and make recommendations according to your individual metabolic type. This means that Ayurveda is a “functional” system of medicine. It looks at body and mind function,at how this has gone awry and sets out to restore both to a homeostasis by which we are returned to our natural state of health and well-being. Most Western allopathic and complementary systems of medicine and healing, are symptom focused; they treat the symptoms. This means that the cause may still persist. Ayurveda goes straight to the cause. It does address symptoms causing particular immediate discomfort, but does understand that what is required is to come to investigate and redress the root cause.
In an assessment, I will look with you at dietary and lifestyle habits and the history of any illness or symptoms presenting to get to the root cause from an Ayurveda perspective. From these findings, I will put together for you. a personalised Ayurvedic programme of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, yoga and Ayurveda medicinal oils and herbal prescriptions, and possibly also suggest some Ayurveda body treatments or participation in an Ayurveda Living Course so that you might understand more comprehensively how to adjust to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle programme to restore and maintain health in body and mind.
To book a consultation, please email me
1-1 session times are indicated on my schedule page on this website. Please select a time and date that would suit you and then please email me to check availability. Once your session is confirmed I will forward to you an Ayurveda consultation form to complete ahead of our meeting. Consultations can last up to 2hrs.
Initial Consultations are £108.00 for two hours. Follow up sessions are £50.00 for one hour, £75.00 for one and half hours. Consultation fee does not include medicinal oils and herbal prescriptions.
My Ayurveda Training: I first started to study Ayurveda more than 10 years ago. Since then I have trained with 5 leading figures in the world of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy: Dr David Frawley, Mukunda Stiles, Maya Tiwari, Atreya Smith, and Dr Sunil Joshi. I have also attended lectures on Ayurveda with Dr Robert Svaboda, Amadea Morningstar, Dr Marc Halpern, and Dr Vasant Lad. I have been teaching Ayurveda in workshops and retreats to empower Yoga practice and more recently am offering 1-1 consultations and body treatments, and Ayurveda Living Courses.
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