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Life has become stressful and fast-paced for many of us, needless to say. We are all juggling so many things, and time pressured to meet so many demands.. Whether the cause of stress is in the workplace or our personal life, stress can impact our effectiveness in so many ways. And  Yoga has a whole toolkit to offer for building stress-resilience and maintaining health, peace of mind and happiness, factors which all help us to be more personable and impactful human beings.

When we are stressed we tend to digest less well, sleep poorly, experience mood swings,  have reduced concentration,decreased performance, back pain, headaches, tight breathing or rapid breathing (which is affected by and affects the brain, mind and mood), and possibly anxiety, depression or irritablitiy, 

Yoga can be the perfect antidote to all of this. Through simple movements, breathing techniques, relaxation and mindfulness methods that we can do anywhere, including the desk and meeting room, Yoga helps us to:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve mood by it’s boosting of endorphins in the body
  • Ease worries, anxiety, frustrations
  • Lessen aches and pains in the body
  • Increase concentration
  • Raise energy levels and positivity
  • Improve sleep and digestion
  • Improve breathing which will keep the brain oxygenised and the mind more alert
  • Increase confidence and raise awareness in inter-personal relations


LoveYogaHealing makes available to you and your business,  the teaching skills of an experienced Yoga and meditation teacher, and Yoga Therapist with  14 years’ experience of teaching people from many walks of life, including onsite classes, corporate groups in away events and onsite events, and 1-1 sessions with company executives.

Our menu of Corporate Yoga offerings is below. There is much we can offer to meet your needs so please do contact us with your enquiry

CLASSES FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES: In the case of local businesses (Stratford on Avon, Wellesbourne & Kineton districts), your colleagues and employees can join our local classes, LoveYogaHealing offers special discounted class rates and package deals to local company employees. For the class schedule please click here. We can also come to your premises to teach a class on site. For further details of local company rates and availability please contact us. 


We can come to you for a one off event or for weekly scheduled classes. You can choose from:

i) Regular Mixed Level or Beginners Level Yoga classes on the mat. These classes include simple postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. Classes last 45 minutes to one hour.

ii) Desk and Chair Yoga: postures and breathing techniques to practice at the desk to relieve fatigue, tension, aches and pains, and stress, and to boost energy, focus and mood. These classes can last from 30 mins to 45 mins to 1 hour.


We teach corporate groups as part of company health and well-being days, and other away events. You might want to offer employees an early morning class to wake up body and mind for the day ahead, a lunch time class to boost energy and focus, or an evening wind-down class, as part of your event. 

OR, perhaps you’d like to offer your employees a valuable, educational and practical health and well-being workshop .Details are below


“Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way.” Sw Vishnudevananda

We have a unique and comprehensive programme of lectures and workshops which include basic theory and practice of simple methods for greater health, happiness and peace of mind. LoveYogaHealing engages a deep understanding and experience of the therapeutic benefits of Yoga for the mind as well as the body to teach easy-to-do self-help tools, specially selected to meet the needs of your staff and to help build stress-resilience. These tools include:

  • breath and mindful techniques
  • tension pain relieving techniques
  • deep relaxation methods
  • practices to boost energy, focus and mood

These are all methods that your employees can do quietly at home and in the workplace. All the techniques taught will support their greater well-being, happiness and performance, generally and at work. We teach your employees how regular practice of these simple Yoga techniques work with the nervous, digestive and immune systems, building greater stress-resilience which enables better sleep, digestion, mood and performance.

We combine these teachings with optional teaching on nutrition and lifestyle for optimum metabolic function. We introduce your employees to a simple formula which will enable them to understand their individual metabolism and to make realistic changes in diet and lifestyle for improved metabolic function. When our metabolism functions optimally, we are more contented, we sleep more soundly, we digest better, we have greater energy and improved immunity (meaning of course, fewer days off work), fewer aches and pains, less anxiety and depression, and a more steady state of mind. 

These workshops can be personally tailored to suit your event and can last a few hours, one day, a weekend, or a week. 


We can travel to your event or invite you to join us at one of our regular teaching venues which are used to hosting corporate groups for residential and non-residential events and to providing healthy nutritious foods which align with the workshop teachings. 

For more information and for our rates, please contact us


The main teacher at LoveYogaHealing is Shama Sara Palmer. She is registered Senior Level Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance UK, and a qualified Yoga Therapist, with 14 years teaching experience in Yoga and meditation in group, 1-1, workshop and retreat settings. She teaches in teh UK and overseas.  Shama Sara Palmer is also a qualified Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, currently applying for membership of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association. 

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