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Yoga – Meditation – Ayurveda

Yoga Classes

Sara’s LoveYogaHealing Yoga classes will challenge you to increase your flexibility and strength, and safely and steadily grow and advance in Yoga posture, pranayama and meditation practice. More importantly, they will also bring to you a real understanding of what we are doing and why, and how the practices are working for your deeper health and happiness. About Sara Palmer (Shama)

Traditional Hatha Yoga: A classical approach to Hatha Yoga practice, meditative or dynamic, with postures for building strength, flexibility, stress resilience and an inner equilibrium that will leave you feeling fully aligned – body, mind and spirit. Beginners, mixed level and level 1- 2, gentle classes. BOOK A CLASS

Restorative-Yin Yoga: A passive approach to practice with the support of props to invite the nervous system to deeply relax and the musculature to release long-held tensions, increasing both flexibility and energy levels whilst creating a wonderful sense of inner ease. In this style of practice, there are fewer poses and we hold them for longer. Each class suitable for all levels of experience. BOOK A CLASS

Practice Intensives:  Here is an opportunity to immerse more deeply into the practices of Yoga. On these weekend events, we practice for 2hours on friday evening and 4 hours on sunday and saturday morning. Classes are classical Hatha Yoga and/or Tantra Hatha styles with Restorative Yoga also. The practices are all informed by the teachings of Ayurveda, specially structured to adapt to the nature of the seasons. Ayurveda teaches us that one of the causes of disease is the “effect of the seasons”, and our failure to adapt our lifestyle to the changing seasons. In these classes we “antidote” the effect of the seasons and open to the messages of each season with inner enquiry, silent walks in nature, strengthening and nourishing Yoga postures, healing breathing practices, yoga nidra and meditations. We enjoy together seasonal Ayurveda teas and snacks during breaks. BOOK A PRACTICE INTENSIVE

Private Yoga or Yoga Therapy: Private Yoga or Yoga Therapy Sessions are designed to address your individual needs. They are perfect if the scheduled Yoga classes don’t suit your busy schedule or if you prefer personalised attention to help progress your Yoga practice. Or perhaps you have a health condition, physical or mental-emotional feel the need for individually tailored and specially adapted Yoga tuition. Yoga Therapy sessions will give you a specifically created practice for relief of symptoms and support in the restoration of health and well-being. BOOK A 1-1 YOGA SESSION


LoveYogaHealing’s “Alchemy of Yoga” Retreats & Events include Workshops, retreats, holidays and courses.  They are designed both to allow you to deepen your experience of and connection to Yoga posture, breath and meditation practices, as well as to introduce you to the healing power of Ayurveda. “Alchemy” has been defined as a “seemingly magical process of transformation” and this is exactly how participants have described the effects of practices taught on these events and retreats. Actually what participants ultimately come to know is that of course there’s no magic here….simply a very precise application of the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda for transformation of body, mind and heart. You learn how to apply these wisdom traditions to create the transformation that you are looking for, whether physical, mental-emotional or spiritual. BOOK A RETREAT OR EVENT

Please contact Sara with any of your questions, or to find out more about any class, workshop, retreat and course. I look forward to sharing with you all that Yoga and Ayurveda have to offer you and your life.

Love & blessings

Upcoming Yoga Retreats & Workshops

Ayurveda Courses & Intensives


Intermediate Yoga Classes

Level 1 - 2 Yoga Classes

These classes are for those who are looking to move more deeply into the practice and understanding of Hatha Yoga. You will learn more variations of the postures, adapted to suit your capacity. We explore the physical, mental-emotional and energetic effects of the postures and breathing practices.


Open Hatha Yoga Classes

Mixed Level Hatha Yoga Classes

These classes are ideal for those with just a little or many years of Hatha Yoga experience. We adapt the practices to suit each one’s capacity and experience.

Who Comes To My Yoga Classes?

People from all walks of life and with varying levels of fitness and experience: people who have been practicing for many years, and complete beginners, athletic types and those who are physically restricted due to illness or injury.

When and Where are the Classes?

I teach at least one class per day in Wellesbourne, Stratford Upon Avon and Alveston. Beginners’ Yoga Courses run on Tuesday evenings at YHA, Church Lane, Alveston CV37 6RG. Drop in classes are at 10am on Saturday mornings at St Peter’s Mission, Manor Rd, CV37 7EA. My Walton Hal, Wellesbourne CV35 9HU 10am wednesday morning and 4.30pm friday afternoon classes are mixed level. My thursday evening class runs as a course for Level 1 – 2 practitioners. other classes are mixed level classes. I also run a Gentle-Restorative class at 11.45am, Walton Hall, Wellesbourne CV35 9HU.

Monthly meditation and chant evenings take place in my small Yoga space in my home on the last Sunday of each month, starting Sept 2017, Tiddington CV37 7AP. And an Introduction to Ayurveda course starts late September, also Tiddington CV37 7AP.

About this style of Hatha Yoga

The foundation of these Hatha Yoga classes is my Advanced Sivananda Yoga,  Structural Yoga Therapy training as well as trainings in Dynamic Hatha, Ayurveda and Tantra Yoga.You will learn proper posture alignment, and from that alignment you will learn and experience the physical, energetic, and mental-emotional effects of postures. I draw also on my training and experience as an Ayurveda Wellness Counsellor and Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, to structure classes according to age, time of day and year, climate and environment to restore us all to an easeful, balanced state of being in body, mind and heart.

How To Join A Class Or Book A Session:

To join a class or book a session please drop me a text or email. You’re very welcome to come and try any class out. If you have questions about classes or would like to discuss a 1-1 Yoga session, Ayurveda consultation or Yoga Therapy session, I’m happy also to chat with you and perhaps recommend the best session for your requirements. Please do call me on 07910 088 032, or email me on

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