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"Huge thanks to Sara for all her dedicated teachings....always delivered with genuine care and passion”.

"I finally feel like I started to learn Yoga - the body, mind and soul kind from a teacher who really cares."

Inspiring guidance from Sara in practical and subtle ways.

"Sara is a most inspirational teacher....her retreats are authentic, informative and interesting."

"Sara has helped me to maximise my potential within the limits of my body, its strengths and weaknesses".

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A LUNAR CLASS IS A MEANS TO STEADY, CALM AND CLEAR THE MIND THROUGH THE PHYSICAL PRACTICES There comes a time in the life of all Yoga practitioners when it dawns on us that the real promise of Hatha Yoga is the potential it gives us to become alchemists of our inner...

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Ayurveda Cleanse and Rejuvenate Programme

Ayurveda Cleanse and Rejuvenate Programme

A 3-PART 6 WEEK DETOX AND REJUVENATION PROGRAMME, STARTING FEB 12TH PART 1: CLEANSE, FEB 12TH - 26TH PART 2: REPAIR, FEB 27TH - MAR 13T PART 3: REJUVENATE, MAR 14TH - MAR 28TH WHY CLEANSE: Ayurveda recommends that even if we live a healthy lifestyle, it is very...

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