We have all experienced the power of Yoga to impact our body, mind and hearts. When Yoga classes are structured with specific energetic intent, the effect of the classes is all the more powerful and transforming for body, energy, mind and spirit. The classes in these Ayurveda Yoga Group Coaching programmes are structured with such an intent.

In Ayurveda one of the three causes of disease is said to be the effect of the seasons. We all know how transitional times of year, as we move from Winter to Spring and Summer to Autumn can make us more vulnerable physically. Viruses and infections surge and we have all seen and experienced colds and coughs spread during these times. Many of us know the late Winter months to be times when we feel the “moody blues” and find it particularly hard to feel motivated or uplifted. And whilst some of us thrive in the intense heat of Summer, others find the heat physically debilitating or irritating to any inflammatory state of body or mind. Mostly we love the arrival of Spring and look ahead to the more active months of summer, which can inspire us to begin to cleanse and replenish the body.

Ayurveda understands that all these responses to the seasons are triggered by the nature of that season. Our bodies are affected by the qualities of each season and they undergo changes accordingly. Even if we were to live in a basement room and never see the light of day, our bodies would know that the seasons were changing and would be changing accordingly. We are not independent of nature and our environment. We are a part of it. And yet so often these days we live as if we are immune to the impact of nature.

Ayurveda teaches us that what is happening in our environment, for example in the seasons and climate, is also happening in our bodies. Therefore, as the damp and wet increase in the environment in late Winter and early Spring, the same begins to happen within us in body and mind. We can feel heavy, sluggish, congested. When the dry, cold weather of Autumn and early Winter arrives, as the leaves and plants start to dry out, we can find the same happening in ourselves: our skin and hair may start to feel drier, our elimination may be drier and harder for some of us, indicating that not only our outer body but also our inner body is affected.

Therefore to sustain equilibrium in body and mind through the seasons, Ayurveda tells us that we need to constantly adapt our lifestyle choices, diet and indeed all our activities to combat the effects of each season. Otherwise, we risk becoming ill. For example, too much damp in the body created by the wrong types of food for the late Winter and Spring season (and maybe also for our metabolic type) can start to create more mucous in the body and it is in this mucous that many of those congestive types of late Winter bugs can thrive.

This wisdom of Ayurveda can be powerfully brought to Yoga. In fact, traditionally the two were taught and practiced together. When a Yoga class is structured with an awareness of the energetic effect of the practices and the energetic qualities of the season: when the practices are selected and structured to combat the adverse effects of each season and/or to align with their positive aspects, then we can start to experience an incredible balance in body and mind. There is a great boost to our sense of well-being and vitality. Supported by month-by-month seasonal nutritional and lifestyle guidance, these Ayurveda Yoga group coaching programmes are physically, mentally-emotionally and spiritually revitalising, health-supporting, and empowering. They will help to keep your body, mind and energy aligned with each other and with the rhythms of nature throughout the year. Aligning with the rhythms of nature, we become less susceptible to the vagaries Nature’s changeful nature and more ready to enjoy her life-giving bounty.


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