Ayurveda, Yoga & Anxiety : 6 Tips To Ease the Mind

6 Tips to Ease Anxiety

Ayurveda – and Yoga – have much to offer to treat anxiety. Ayurveda recognises anxiety as indicative of elevated Vata (combination of air and ether elements in body and mind). Following an Ayurveda lifestyle and diet can go along way towards reducing Vata and to pacifying Vata states of mind – worry, fear, anxiety. 

  1. Routine and regularity. If we look at nature and creatures that live in alignment with nature, there is a natural rhythm by which they live. There are natural cycles of day and night, seasons, and the year and whilst there are changes in these throughout the year, animals tend to live by a certain routine. Ayurveda recommends that we do the same. Regularity goes a long way towards balancing Vata and so steadying the mind. This includes waking up and sleeping at regular times, eating at regular times.
  2. Committing to a morning breathing routine. Alternate nostril breathing is fantastic for pacifying Vata and calming anxious, worried states of mind. Don’t wait until you are experiencing anxiety. Rather commit to daily practice of alternate nostril breathing to calm Vata and to reduce the inclination of your body-mind towards anxiety. Morning and evening practice for just 5 minutes will go a long way towards helping you. 
  3. Meditation. A daily meditation practice can be a practice in detachment and making space from the busy-ness of the mind so we are less at it’s mercy when the mind becomes agitated. Have an experienced teacher show you a grounding meditation practice. Some styles can make us feel more spacey and less grounded and this will increase Vata dosha in the mind and may exacerbate rather than help matters.
  4. Avoid stimulants – caffeine, sugar, alcohol. 
  5. Avoid other foods that spike the blood sugar – processed foods, white flour pastries and baked produce.
  6. Eat warming,nourishing foods like vegetable broths with root veg.

For more understanding and practical tips on how Ayurveda and Yoga can help build peace of mind and happiness, and reduce not only anxiety and worry but also other troubled states of mind – depression, attachment, low self-esteem, please join me on 27th April Saturday, 2-5pm for a workshop on Ayurveda and the Mind: A Deeper Perspective on Health and Healing  . 

We will also look at the body-mind connection in Ayurveda and Yoga, and the role of the mind in the development and healing of chronic illnesses.

We have fun on these workshops, with small groups attending and time to ask your questions and, if you wish, to share and enquire into your own experiences and/or challenges. 

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