Ayurveda, Apples and How To Eat Them

Did you know we have more than 2000 native varieties of apples in the United Kingdom? Ayurveda invites us to eat locally and seasonally and this abundance of apple varieties, some early and some later in the season, some sour and some sweet, supports us to enjoy this seasonal fruit as a local product from mid Summer until late Autumn. 

Ayurveda invites us to eat seasonally and locally because Nature gives us what we need to combat the effects of each season, and Ayurveda includes the impact of the changing seasons as one of the causes of illness. Eating seasonally and locally, we draw on Mother Nature’s power to combat the effects of the seasons upon our bodies and minds, and thereby support our ongoing health and well-being. 

And so, in the hot summer months we have water–rich cooling fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers and melons. By mid to late Summer, the first varieties of apples are appearing. Ayurveda recognises that apples in their raw state are cooling and drying to our bodies in their energetic effect. This is perfect come the late summer to cool our systems and to help clear any excess heat that might be stored in the body tissues as an effect of the hotter sunnier days of the summer season. However, as we turn towards Autumn it is advised that we cook the apples we eat. This changes their energetic quality from cooling and drying, to warming and strengthening. Autumn itself is a cooler season with a cooling and drying effect on our bodies, and so we want to antidote that seasonal effect with the foods we choose to eat and the ways in which we prepare them

Enjoy an apple finely sliced and stewed in a little water, with half a dozen raisins and a good pinch of warming spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg.  This is a perfect afternoon snack, dessert, or even warming breakfast if you are the type that doesn’t generally have much of an appetite in the mornings but like to eat something light. It will warm, uplift and nourish you.

Please check my next blog for an easy-to-make healthy apple chutney recipe.

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