Level 1 – 2 Hatha Yoga Classes

“Your classes are an absolute inspiration.” RW, Stratford Upon Avon

These Level 1 – 2 Course classes are for those who are looking to move more deeply into the practice and understanding of Hatha Yoga. You will learn more variations of the postures, adapted to suit your capacity. We explore the physical, mental-emotional and energetic effects of the postures and breathing practices. In addition, there will be considerable emphasis on fine-tuning somatic and pranic awareness for deepening our connection with ourselves, and building sensitivity to our Self.

At this level we begin to explore how to not only the physiological benefits of postures and refinement of alignment, but also we study and practice for the specific energetic effect of different postures, breathing practices, relaxations and meditations and these are selected according to the season, phase of the lunar cycle (very important for women’s health), and for particular mental-emotional or inner body effect (eg better digestion, calming the nervous system, cooling inflammation in the body and mind).

It is in these classes that we really start to embrace the whole incredible scope of Hatha Yoga for body, heart and mind. For more information about the content and structure of these Level 1 – 2 classes, please visit the page About Hatha Yoga


Minimum 6 months experience required or LoveYogaHealing 12 week Beginners Yoga Course.

Course Fee: 

Level 1 – 2 classes run as 12 week terms. The term fee is £108 for 12 weeks, or 2 x £60 for each 6 weeks.

For booking or more information please call me on 07910-088032 or email me.

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