What People Say

“Thank you so much for helping me with my lower back problems. The exercises you showed me have really worked and I have much less trouble getting to sleep. I was really impressed with the way you assessed my weak areas and designed a programme especially for me. I really enjoy your classes too. I have tried yoga several times before and you are definitely the best teacher!”

KF, Barford


Your classes are an absolute inspiration.” RW, Stratford Upon Avon.

“Having tried various Yoga classes I can truly say Shama focuses on each person as an individual. We are all different shapes and sizes and she patiently works with each person to help them effortlessly move into postures…..through gentle adjustments and demonstrations, Shama helps you to feel the wonder of correctly achieving a posture and the joy it can bring.”

AT, Barford, Warwickshire.


“Never thought that we could get so hooked on Yoga but ……you feel so good after a class it only makes you want to come back for the next lesson. Whether you have been doing Yoga for years or only just started, Shama works with you to release your potential.

JC, Kineton, Warwickshire


“Having only started Yoga 8 months ago, I never dreamt that I would ever stand on my head at the age of 60  – well, I was wrong. After a class , body and mind are elated and full of energy. It’s a real feel good factor. I would recommend everyone should try Shama’s classes.”

PC, Kineton, Warwickshire


“Thank you for a wonderful workshop today. True relaxation usually eludes me  – I have just realised this today. I am really grateful to you for that.”

RH, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


“Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring workshop. At work today I have been brimful of energy. Not frantic but with a certain calm efficiency.”

GL, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire


Taking workshops with Shama is a real treat. Shama’s style is elegant, graceful, compassionate and heart-warming. With beautiful stories, delightful poems, words of wisdom and sacred chants, she somehow manages to lure you into a magical place. Your own inner heart. It is an amazing experience. Like an internal massage or a spiritual detox, you will leave feeling cleansed and ready to approach your life with the joy it truly deserves.

S. Goldberg, USA


It was really interesting on retreat to learn all the “why’s” of yoga and meditation. It makes practice so much more fulfilling to know why.

R. Nand, London


I had such a wonderful time in your classes at the Sivananda ashram. I am doing so much better with my knee healing. Your loving and gentle way of teaching helped and I have been doing meditations to release with color and breath.

Padma, Yoga Teacher, USA


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