What are your digestive ailments telling you?

Ayurveda understands that most chronic illness begins in our gut. It is essential that we take time to correct those niggling digestive imbalances. Symptoms of burning, bloating, excessive gas, cramping, heaviness after eating, nausea after eating, are all indications of digestive stress. This means that more than likely an overly challenged digestive system is not breaking down the foods we give it efficiently enough which means toxins or ama start to accumulate, firstly in the gut and later- if things are not corrected – in the deeper tissues of the body leading to many of the modern day chronic ailments. 

Of course for this reason some spring cleansing is ideal, but we need to build consistent daily eating habits that fit our metabolic/Ayurvedic type. Ayurveda does not prescirbe one diet/eating pattern for all. Ayurveda is not going to recommmend that you exclude certain of the major food groups, for instance, carbs  – as is popular these days. We need all the food groups. We just need to be aware of things like the types of foods within each food group (such as fats, carbs, proteins), how we eat them, when we eat them, the quantities we eat, the proportions we eat relative to other food groups. This varies person to person according to your metabolic or Ayurvedic typing. Your Ayurvedic type tells an Ayurvedic practitioner much about your digestive tendencies, strengths or weaknesses and he or she will know how to prescribe a lifestyle and eating programme which you can follow lifelong to support optimum digestion and healthy elimination. Knowing your Ayurveda type and following the prescriptions for your type is one of the surest time-tested ways to take charge of your own digestive health, and all round health thereby. The key is in the constitutional nature of your digestive fire. This is different for each Ayurveda type, Vata type tending to be variable, Pitta type tending to be piercing/burning, and Kapha type tending to be slow.

As you follow an Ayurveda programme to support the nature of your innate digestive fire, you begin to heal your gut and greater efficiency to your digestive function,. Whilst on such a programme, a specifically prescribed yoga practice can support your healing and strengthening of this crucial body system.

Look out for my Hatha Yoga practice to pacify the digestive fire, and another to boost digestive fire which I will post on my YouTube channel.

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